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I recently completed a project to develop an off-grid fuel production system that can be used in place of petroleum fuels to run small engines, such as a portable power generator. My reason for embarking on this project was to find a way of providing fuel for small engine powered equipment when petroleum fuels become too scarce and/or expensive to obtain. As the threats to our fuel supply and power grid continue to grow, I searched for a way to use resources that are abundant in the North Idaho region to become the fuel that could replace petroleum fuels for our small engines. The solution that I found was to create synthesis gas (syngas) from natural wood charcoal (also known as "wood gas"). Wood charcoal can be easily made from small woody materials, such as what would normally be burned in slash piles or turned into woodchips. The process of carbonizing the raw wood into natural lump charcoal burns off the majority of the tars and other contaminants that are not desirable in the syngas that will be made. The charcoal is then burned in a very controlled environment within a gasifier (such as the fuel production system I've developed) which converts the charcoal and moisture in the air into synthesis gas, which is then run through a simple filter and piped to an engine as the fuel.

You can learn more about how gasifiers work by visiting:

Make charcoal using this simple steel barrel method:

In short, since we have access to an abundant supply of wood in North Idaho, you can easily make homemade charcoal to run a gasifier, meaning you can run small engines without ever needing to buy gasoline. Even folks who are already off-grid typically have times when the solar or other power generation systems aren't enough and they need to run a generator from time-to-time, meaning they need to buy gasoline, propane, or diesel. Using a gasifier (and appropriate generator) means they won't need to rely on petroleum fuels to power their home. I truly believe this is one of the solutions to helping maintaining independence.

I encourage you to consider building or purchasing a gasifier as a means of enhancing your off-grid capability and overall energy independence. If you would like to consider purchasing the gasifier that I have developed (the Freedom Gasifier), just send me a note through our contact page to request having a Freedom Gasifier built for you.

Freedom Gasifier Details:

The Freedom Gasifier is a mobile off-grid synthesis gas (syngas) production system capable of supporting a variety of gasoline-carbureted (4-stroke) small engines, such as portable power generators, wood splitters, chippers, mills, etc. This ready-to-go gasifier system provides highly efficient performance and true off-grid capability. The Freedom Gasifier uses charcoal as its fuel source, resulting in more efficient syngas production. The use of fuel-grade charcoal also provides a cleaner burning syngas that contains far less tar and other contaminants than raw-wood burning gasifiers, reducing engine wear and requiring less gas filtration.

Features include an onboard hand-crank blower (no electrical power required for startup), water-drip fuel BTU enhancement system, stainless-steel air injection pipe, aluminum exhaust-gas cooling system, quick-connect hoses, 3-stage reusable filter system, air-fuel mixing valve, combustion air filtration, and carburetor adapter, along with built-in safety features.

NOTE: The Freedom Gasifier can NOT be used with dual-fuel and tri-fuel engines/generators, as the carburetors of these multi-fuel engines/generators have restrictions that do not allow enough syngas through the carburetor to properly run the engine.


  • Overall Dimensions: 18” Wide x 45” High x 26” Deep
  • Weight: 110 Pounds
  • Construction: 14-Gauge/16-Gauge Steel Body Components
  • Fuel Capacity: 15 Gallons
  • Fuel Type: Fuel-Grade Charcoal (Not Included)
  • Fuel BTU Enhancement: Water Drip System
  • Engine Compatibility: 200cc to 450cc (6hp to 15hp) Gasoline Carbureted (4-Stroke)Small Engines and Portable Power Generators (Single Cylinder Type Honda and Honda Clones)
  • Run Time: 1 to 3 Hours (Dependent on Engine Size and Load)
  • Power Output: 4kWh to 5kWh (Dependent on Fuel Quality, Water Drip Rate & Air-Fuel Ratio)
  • Onboard Blower: Hand Crank (No Electrical Power Required for Startup)
  • Inlet Air Injection Tube: 304 Stainless Steel (Resists Corrosion from Combustion Heat)
  • Safety Features: Over-Pressure Relief System & Fire/Gas Deflection Flanges
  • Gas Cooling System: Aluminum Exhaust Components (5x Greater Heat Dissipation than Steel)
  • Gas Filter System: 3-Stage Reusable Filters (Coarse, Medium & Fine Particulate)
  • Hoses: Heat & Flame-Resistant Hoses with Quick-Connect Fittings
  • Air-Fuel Mixing Valve: Integrated with Filter Box, Includes Filter for Combustion Air
  • Engine Adapter: Quick Connect Kit Compatible with Direct Carburetor Connection or Installation on Carburetor Air Filter Housing Cover (Metal or Plastic Housings)
  • Mobility Kit: Flat-Free Tires, High Strength Handle & High Ground Clearance Exhaust Port

Freedom Gasifier Price: $3,900

If you would like to purchase the Freedom Gasifier, click here and send a request.

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