The Freedom Gasifier is a mobile off-grid synthesis gas (syngas) production system capable of supporting a variety of gasoline-carbureted (4-stroke) small engines, such as portable power generators, wood splitters, chippers, mills, etc. This ready-to-go gasifier system provides highly efficient performance and true off-grid capability. The Freedom Gasifier uses charcoal as its fuel source, resulting in more efficient syngas production. The use of fuel-grade charcoal also provides a cleaner burning syngas that contains far less tar and other contaminants than raw-wood burning gasifiers, reducing engine wear and requiring less gas filtration.

Features include an onboard hand-crank blower (no electrical power required for startup), water-drip fuel BTU enhancement system, stainless-steel air injection pipe, aluminum exhaust-gas cooling system, quick-connect hoses, 3-stage reusable filter system, air-fuel mixing valve, combustion air filtration, and carburetor adapter, along with built-in safety features.

NOTE: The Freedom Gasifier can NOT be used with dual-fuel and tri-fuel engines/generators, as the carburetors of these multi-fuel engines/generators have restrictions that do not allow enough syngas through the carburetor to properly run the engine.


  • Overall Dimensions: 18” Wide x 45” High x 26” Deep
  • Weight: 110 Pounds
  • Construction: 14-Gauge/16-Gauge Steel Body Components
  • Fuel Capacity: 15 Gallons
  • Fuel Type: Fuel-Grade Charcoal (Not Included)
  • Fuel BTU Enhancement: Water Drip System
  • Engine Compatibility: 200cc to 450cc (6hp to 15hp) Gasoline Carbureted (4-Stroke) Small Engines and Portable Power Generators (Single Cylinder Type Honda and Honda Clones, NOT Dual-Fuel or Tri-Fuel)
  • Run Time: 45-Minutes to 3-Hours (Dependent on Engine Size and Load)
  • Power Output: 4kWh to 5kWh (Dependent on Fuel Quality, Water Drip Rate & Air-Fuel Ratio)
  • Onboard Blower: Hand Crank (No Electrical Power Required for Startup)
  • Inlet Air Injection Tube: 304 Stainless Steel (Resists Corrosion from Combustion Heat)
  • Safety Features: Over-Pressure Relief System & Fire/Gas Deflection Flanges
  • Gas Cooling System: Aluminum Exhaust Components (5x Greater Heat Dissipation than Steel)
  • Gas Filter System: 3-Stage Reusable Filters (Coarse, Medium & Fine Particulate)
  • Hoses: Heat & Flame-Resistant Hoses with Quick-Connect Fittings
  • Air-Fuel Mixing Valve: Integrated with Filter Box, Includes Filter for Combustion Air
  • Engine Adapter: Quick Connect Kit Compatible with Direct Carburetor Connection or Installation on Carburetor Air Filter Housing Cover (Metal or Plastic Housings)
  • Mobility Kit: Flat-Free Tires, High Strength Handle & High Ground Clearance Exhaust Port

Freedom Gasifier Price: $3,900

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